Sod Care Instructions

New Sod - For the first 2-3 weeks, water sod 3 times a day (morning, noon, evening).  By lifting an edge of the sod up, you may check to see if the sod is getting enough water.  Continue to water the sod 2 times a day after the first two weeks, continuing with once a day after the first 6 weeks.  Watering may vary due to higher temperatures and wind, just don’t let the sod dry out!

Activity - No horseplay, running or rough activity should be allowed on the new sod.   Please keep the activity on the new sod to a minimum for the first two weeks after installation.

Fertilize - Fertilize the sod after 6-10 days from installation. This helps the sod to grow quicker and create a healthy root system.  Continue to fertilize every 6-8 weeks between April and October.  It is recommended that you use 20-20-10 blend of fertilizer.

Lawn Care - Do not mow sod until the first mowing is done for you (7-10 days after installation).  This is very important to the growth cycle of sod; therefore it is recommended that you allow Bearss Lawn & Landscaping provide the first mow with new sod.   No aerating or thatching the grass for the first two years after installation!  Doing so may pull up the sod.

Winter Watering - Make sure to water the sod during winter to prevent winterkill, which occurs when we do not have enough snowfall. 

Dark Blue to Silver Green Color - These colors indicate that the grass is dry.  Water the sod immediately! 

Straw-looking Color - Sod has become too dry and is in dormancy.  The sod will require a lot of water to return to the fertile green color, which may take up to 3 weeks.

Please Note-In order to achieve the healthiest High Altitude Kentucky Blue Grass, it is recommended that you follow the above instructions.  It is the customer’s responsibility to follow any city water restrictions that are in effect.  Insufficient watering is 99% of all sod problems!  We do not guarantee the life of the sod after installation.